last will and testament (the telegraph version)

          before the ship has moment

                                   & the borrowed    stop       

     judge like pine             & note that which could have   stop

                   that which had            & note    stop       

had i done the same    stop     then save & send & send again as you see fit   stop

                    nothing warbles, warbles understanding

& from nothing  stop   (note shakespeare)  stop  nothing comes            

        so leave i   stop    as we must   stop       as all



 I pit thee not,
                                    full unto filling

so little flesh

                                    picked at & questioned & responsive in that

at the door

                                      having lost its way

it made me

                                      chew & instant message

the ancients


success succeeds sayeth best laid plans, sayeth the dogged ones in the grips of postpresidential hope for a devil of a turnaround. i know, i know, no capital letters but i’m already restructuring polluting industries for the sake of honesty & capitalization is one.

an anticapitalist?

anticapitalism is not collaboration with japanese colonists although dr. reefhuis (pronounced reef-house) would have it otherwise. anticapitalism funds seasonal libraries which, if used perennially, beautify the perverse, disables ‘state secrets’ & enables the ancient monuments of oceans & storms. none willful & hoisted, none prone to fire.

the audience booed.
the audience had no response.

the audience holds all the tickets.
a note of caution: the audience, some 40 percent of them, found this difficult.

in the presence of

unbeknownst. unfathomable. unearthed. unpopulated. orion
unlegged, under the dipper legging it. wind, once blue,
tunneling, but once. one eye covered, mine included. part
of the obvious unearthed. point flecks to pointless, flecks
to premise–we aren’t what we think. at least waves keep
knocking down, the aha in knockdown. lamps lit against storms
kissing the forehead of that which cries.