Negotiating A Lower Angle

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4 comments on “Negotiating A Lower Angle

  1. Read says:

    Looks like a great book. We should definitely try to meet up for coffee at some point. I’ve completed both my thesis and my undergraduate career. I’ve been spending the last month or so trying to find a job or internship. I didn’t get the fellowship, but I have an interview with the Denver Justice and Peace Committee for an internship on Monday. It’s unpaid, but they focus on Latin America, so it would give me some good experience. Plus, it’s only part time and I would probably still get a part time job.

    Let me know if you can meet up. Right now my schedule is pretty open.

  2. Read says:

    The morning of the 29th works for me as of right now. I’ll let you know if something changes. Where would you like to meet?

  3. Read says:

    Snooze actually has a gluten free menu and it’s great. Unfortunately, it does tend to get crowded, even during the week, so we should probably get there before nine.

  4. Read says:

    Okay, I’ll get there first and at least put my name in if they won’t let me get a table without you. See you on Friday.

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