In Such Country

The test may be how good you are
in wind when wind blows through you—

saying I do to I do the white-crowned
sparrow saws the last stand of light

as animal paths on the opposite mountain
ghost into generational tracings.

Out of the breeze’s sway a fly knocks
against a screen in its own summation

of attempt.

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5 comments on “In Such Country

  1. Read says:

    I like these last few poems. It seems you have been more productive than me this summer in terms of poetry. Is the last poem a reference to fishing?

    I just got back from a week-long jaunt around Montana. We’ll see if it inspires anything poetic.

  2. Vabakogu says:

    A word is dead
    When it is said,
    some say

    I say it just
    Begins to live
    That day

    / By E. D. /

  3. readable4 says:

    Hello stranger,

    I was wondering if you have time to grab a cup of coffee before school starts up again. My schedule is wide open this week (and most of next week too).


  4. readable4 says:

    I don’t think tomorrow will work, so maybe next Friday

  5. readable4 says:

    Friday, 3:30 at Peet’s sounds good to me. I’ll see you there.

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